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Equine Planner

Traditional Printed planner, Interactive PDF and printable PDF files to allow you to create your perfect equestrian journal either digitally or with pen and paper.

The Printed one

Traditional pen & paper design. Build your own planner to best suit your needs.

The Digital One

Interactive, searchable and functional. Multiple colours and designs, with something for every horse owner.

The Print at Home One

Adjustable & functional just calling out to be personalised to the nth degree.

Designed for equestrians by equestrians

About Between The Ears

Hi I’m Katie the creator! I’m a stationery nut but also a techy. Carrying a journal is not always practical but my phone rarely leaves my side. 

I used to use a beautiful equine diary but felt it lacked some key areas to make it really work. So I spent time speaking with friends and researching what fellow equestrians would also want in a journal. 

I hummed and haad, threw ideas about, changed them, left them on the back burner whilst busy elsewhere then finally went about creating it and here we are!

The Digital One

Designed originally for use with GoodNotes but equally functional with other note taking apps such as Xodo and Noteshelf. (note this may require an additional purchase)

Customisable & interactive functionality allows the planner to work just like a paper journal but in digital format.


The Print at Home One

I understand many people still prefer good old pen and paper so who am I to deny you that pleasure.

The print at home version offers you the ability to create your perfect planner. Order the sections to best suit you, add more of the bits that you love, and remove any that aren’t relevant. As I get it not everyone jumps, or enjoys the white boards!


The PRinted One

It’s here! We wanted to bring you a gorgeous printed planner and now it’s here. A choice of inserts and colours mean you can customise your planner to you.


The PU leather effect planner, stickers, cute bookmark and special free gift when purchasing the complete bundle is perfect for every stationery aficionado.



A version for every equestrian

We get it every horse rider is different and so are their horses. Some people love pen and paper, others are techies, and some like me love both.


 Have and create the planner that works for you printed or digital

Start Now

Visit my shop to purchase and purchase your planner to be delivered as soon as we can.

Alternatively if you can’t wait and would like an instant download of the Print At Home or Digital planner and start planning out your equestrian life within minutes* then head over to our Etsy shop (note VAT applies to instant downloads)

(*suitable app required on device for the digital planner to be editable. We recommend GoodNotes for Apple devices or XODO/NoteShelf for Android/Google, this may require an additional purchase)

Every Aspect covered

Suitable for happy hackers and professionals alike

The Between the Ears planner is designed to cover almost every aspect of equine life. Whether you own one horse or 10 you can customise the planner to suit your equine life. Currently the full planner is set up to suit a 2 horse owner but both the digital and print at home versions can be adapted to suit each individual.



Keep a comprehensive record of what you feed your horse and when. Batch record pages allow you to keep track for traceability purposes perfect for the conscientious and professional competitor

Competition Results

Not only can you record your competition results there are also pages and space for you to analyse your performance.

Yearly Diary

Year, Month and Week to view pages offering different levels of detail to allow you at a glance access to important information.


We always learn from our training and lessons but you can lose a lot of information quickly if you don’t record it. Take the time to write down what you learnt and you can refer back and cement the learning points.

Financial Planning

A section you may want to hide from a significant other! use the financial planning section to record costs for your horse(s).


Keep an address book of all your important contacts. Your most important emergency contacts are at the front in your rider details but keep all your equestrian contacts close to hand in this dedicated section. If typed you can copy and paste phone numbers and/or emails directly into your phone/email client.

And more!

BuilD your own planner

Exactly What You Want

The bits you want without the bits you don’t!


Want that something a little bit special? We think the printed version is just that…


Available in a range of colours and always looking to add new exciting options! Then make sure to add your unique colourful touch filling the pages.

Adaptable Design

Duplicate pages within the planner to give you more of what works for you. You can delete pages as well! The print at home version gives you ultimate control.


Learn More

Hints, tips and tricks to get the most out of your equine planner. Do you have a tip you would like to share? make sure to tag us on social media as we would love to share it with our followers.

How to use Sticker in GoodNotes5

How to use Sticker in GoodNotes5

Using stickers in GoodNotes5 is super easy once you have the hang of them. When you purchase a digital Between The Ears planner you also receive a sheet of stickers in PNG format. Use your sticker tab to store your stickers, insert them as images, and then copy and...



Keep watch for updates hints and tips to make the most of your planner. We will also inform you of new releases including inserts and different planners.

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